Hello Erasmus students

Here are the new measures that apply now in Attica Region


The measures that have been announced will last until further notice:​​

  • Movements
    • Between 05:00 and 00:30 at all days movements of people are allowed for any reason
    • Between 00:30 and 05:00 movement is allowed only for the following reasons: 
      • Medical reasons 
  • Transportation
    • Maximum of 3 passengers allowed in taxis 
    • Restriction to the number of passengers in private cars with a maximum of 3 people (minors are exempted)
  • Grocery Stores (supermarkets, mini markets, bakeries, meat markets, fish stores, etc)
    • Open daily (including weekends) until 20:30
    • 1 person/ 10sm allowed inside
  • Restaurants
    • Restaurants will be open with distance measures and limit of the clients 
  • Nightclubs and bars 
    • Nightclubs and bars will be closed 
  • Movie theatres 
    • Movie theatres will be open until the end of May
  • Concerts, theatres, and art shows
    • Concerts, theatres, and art shows will be closed, it is possible for a show to take place exclusively for online broadcasting
  • Conferences and Exhibitions 
    • No events allowed 
  • Archaeological sites and museums
    • Archaeological sites are open and it requires to wear a mask and museums will be open as well
  • Sports 
    • Individual exercise is allowed in outdoor areas
    • Gyms are open with mask(except aerobic) and use only your personal blanket  
  • Churches and places of worship
    • Operating with a limited presence of worshippers
  • Hair and nails salons 
  • Operating only with appointment 

Violations and Fines

  • Anyone moving during the obligatory curfew (from 00:30 to 05:00 on all days) will be fined 300€
  • Anyone not using a mask where it is mandatory will be fined 300€
  • Anyone attending public gatherings or events that are not allowed will be fined 300€
  • Anyone organizing public gatherings or events that are not allowed will be fined 3000€ for the first violation and 5000€ for the second one

You can help against the fight with the covid-19 from your computer. For more information check here