Hello Erasmus students

Here are the new measures that apply now in Attica Region


The measures that have been announced will last until further notice:​​

  • Public gatherings
    • No public gatherings allowed
  • Movements
    • Between 05:00 and 21:00 at all days movements of people are allowed only with a formal declaration (SMS or handwritten) and only for the following reasons :
      • Going out for medical reasons (Going to a pharmacy, having a doctor’s appointment, or going to the hospital or a medical center, provided that this is recommended after relevant communication) [SMS - Option 1]
      • Going to an open store for food supplies or necessities, when delivery is not possible and only inside the municipality limits or until 2km from your home [SMS - Option 2]
      • Going to public services, provided that electronic or phone assistance is not possible. Going to a bank, under the condition that an online exchange is not possible  and only inside the municipality limits or until 2km from your home [SMS - Option 3]
      • Going to provide assistance to people in need and the police may ask you more questions or ask for official papers  [SMS - Option 4]
      • Going to a ceremony (e.g. funeral, marriage, baptism) under the relevant legal rules [SMS - Option 5]
      • Physical exercise in outdoor areas or movement with a pet animal near your home(in the same block), individually or a maximum of 3 people, under the condition that a distance of 1.5 meters is kept. Going to feed stray animals. You can go only by foot or bike and preferably near your home on weekdays and you can change municipality at weekends  / visit archeological site[SMS - Option 6]
    • Between 21:00 and 05:00 movement is allowed only for the following reasons: 
      • Medical reasons [SMS - Option 1]
      • Individual movement with a pet animal and only around the block of your home[SMS - Option 6]
    • You are not allowed to move outside the region (air and rail transportation to abroad are suspended and are only allowed for strict professional reasons and medical reasons in internal transportations). 
    • The SMS has to been sent from a Hellenic telephone number 
  • Transportation
    • Maximum of 2 passengers allowed in taxis 
    • Restriction to the number of passengers in private cars with a maximum of 1 person (minors are exempted)
  • Grocery Stores (supermarkets, mini markets, bakeries, meat markets, fish stores, etc)
    • Open daily (including weekends) until 20:30
    • 1 person/ 10sm allowed inside
  • Restaurants
    • Restaurants will be closed (delivery services only)
  • Nightclubs and bars 
    • Nightclubs and bars will be closed 
  • Movie theatres 
    • Movie theatres will be closed 
  • Concerts, theatres, and art shows
    • Concerts, theatres, and art shows will be closed, it is possible for a show to take place exclusively for online broadcasting
  • Conferences and Exhibitions 
    • No events allowed 
  • Archaeological sites and museums
    • Archaeological sites is open and it requires to wear a mask and send an SMS with the option number 6 and museums will be closed 
  • Sports 
    • Individual exercise is allowed in outdoor areas
    • Gyms will be closed 
  • Churches and places of worship
    • Operating with a limited presence of worshippers
  • Hair and nails salons 
  • Operating only with appointment 

Violations and Fines

  • Anyone moving during the obligatory curfew (from 21:00 to 05:00 at all days) and has the wrong code SMS number will be fined 300€
  • Anyone not using a mask where it is mandatory will be fined 300€
  • Anyone attending public gatherings or events that are not allowed will be fined 300€
  • Anyone organizing public gatherings or events that are not allowed will be fined 3000€ for the first violation and 5000€ for the second one

You can help against the fight with the covid-19 from your computer. For more information check here