Hello Erasmus students

Here are the new measures that apply now in all Attica Region

1.         General use of the mask

            -Mandatory in all indoor places and all outside areas 

2.         Assemblies

            -Up to 9 people.

            -Keep 1.5m distance.

3.         Coffee Shops / Bars / Clubs / Restaurants (30% of the total capacity)

            -Up to 4 people per table.

            -No standing.

            -Closing time at 00:00.

4.         Food Markets / Super Markets

            -Mandatory use of mask for everyone.

5.         Open-Air Archaeological Sites and Museums

            -Mandatory use of mask for everyone.

            -Keep 1.5m distance.

            Indoor Museums

            -Mandatory use of mask for everyone.

            -Keep 2m distance.

            -No group tours.

6.         Transportation

            -Curfew between 00.30-05.00 for any reason. The only exception is the emergency situations and people who work at night 

             -Mandatory use of mask for everyone in stops.

            -Mandatory use of mask for everyone in public transport.

            -Up to 2 passengers per taxi.

            -Up to 4 passengers per private car.


The penalty is 150 euros for any violation of these rules 

These measures will be reconsidered in 14 days again and there are 3 levels. Attica is currently on level 3