Embark on an Enthralling Journey Through History at the Archaeological Museum of Greece!
Immerse yourself in the captivating world of ancient civilizations as we invite you to join us for a remarkable evening at the Archaeological Museum of Greece in Athens!
Feel the excitement of exploring together as we dive into the fascinating history of ancient times, discovering the secrets of the past through amazing displays and ancient objects.
When: 3/3/2024 12:00
Where: Archaeological Museum of Greece, Athens
Meeting Point: Victoria Square 11:30
Ticket: For students with a valid student card (Greek or from any other EU country university): Free
Online: Fill out the form (https://forms.gle/8rx6cRB5RRe8aLy9A )
In-Person: Drop by the ESN HARO office during office hours for hassle-free registration
Accessibility: The venue is accessible for participants with mobility challenges.
Share Your Adventure: Got memorable moments? Share them using #ESNHAROexperience on social media.
Organized by ESN HARO: Enhancing your Erasmus journey, our events are non-profit and run by dedicated student volunteers.
Join us to uncover the mysteries of ancient civilizations in an evening filled with discovery and wonder!
03/03/2024 - 11:30