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Hello Erasmus People how is everyone?
Have you made new friends you absolutely love? Do you have a crush but you are too shy? Met people you pretend you like but secretly hate their guts and want to tell them but can't do it in their face?

If you answered yes (or no who cares) to any of the questions above then we have the party for you!

Step one: Bring the secret receiver to the party! (Get your friends to get their friends)
Step Two: At the entrance you will get a number and on the tables you will find paper

➡What do you do ?

During the party you can write -anything- you like to -anyone- you want on a piece of paper.
You can then share it with them simply by noticing their number and drop it in the envelope with the receiver's number!
Before leaving you can take all the secrets from your envelope
Everyone has secrets, will you keep yours?

Apart from all this you will still get drinks (WOO!) music (DOUBLE WOO!) and the chance to show your moves!

Shot: 2€
Beer 300ml: 3€
Drink: 6€
Special 8€

WHEN: Wednesday. 10/04, 24:00
WHERE: Steam Athens

*ENTRANCE FEE: 3€ with beer or 6€ with drink*

**Please note that:
This event was organized by ESN in Athens to help you get the most out of your Erasmus life! All ESN events are non-profit and organized by students on a voluntary basis.**

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10/04/2019 - 23:00
  • Everyone is invited.